Refund and cancellation policies for online ticketing are determined by the event organizer. The specific policies may vary depending on the organizer's preferences and the nature of the event. It is important for ticket buyers to review and understand the refund and cancellation policies before making a purchase. The following points provide a general overview:

Cancellations: If the event is canceled, the event organizer will communicate buyers by email. On cancellations of event, it's depend on event organizer that how they will refund the amount to the buyer in case of refund is applicable in purchase policy. In case of refund, the timeline depend on the event organizer and will be informed by organizer to ticket buyer.

Refunds: The event organizer will outline if they want to entertain the refund or not. If refund allowed, the conditions under which refunds are available or no refund policy. These conditions may include circumstances such as event cancellation, rescheduling, or significant changes to the event. Refunds may be issued for the face value of the ticket, or they may be subject to certain deductions, such as processing fees or non-refundable service charges.

Non-refundable Tickets: Some events may offer non-refundable tickets, especially for special promotions, discounted tickets, or limited-time offers. It is important for buyers to carefully review the ticket description and terms and conditions to determine if the purchased tickets are non-refundable.

It is essential for ticket buyers to familiarize themselves with the specific refund and cancellation policies provided by the event organizer by the time of ticket purchase of each individual event. This will help ensure a clear understanding of the terms and processes involved in requesting a refund or canceling a ticket purchase.

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