Delivering Super-Rich Box-Office Experience

Hytix Organizer App is an extension of the existing Hytix web system so you can sell tickets at the Box-Office while still managing your events ticketing from the web admin system.
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A Real Quick Setup

iPad/Tablet, Printer, Swiper, Sell ticket

Get an iPad/Tablet

Get iOS/Android device, iPad/Tablet is recommended to use for a rich experience. May use iPhones or Android Phones.

Thermal Printer

Pick a Compatible Thermal Printer to print your event tickets in addition to the payment receipts.

Get Card Reader

Get a compatible card reader from your payment gateway provider - Stripe, Square, Authorize.Net or CardConnect

Install Box-Office App

Visit Apple App Store/Google Play Store from your device to download and install Hytix Organizer App on your device.

Print Tickets & Receipt

Print 3" width Box-Office Tickets & Receipts on a thermal printer.

Multiple payment types

Accept Cash, Check, Offline, or Credit / Debit Cards Payments.

Email Tickets & Receipt

Email Tickets along with Order Receipt from the device itself in case No print is required.

Check-in Attendee

Check-in the moment the order is completed. No separate check-in is required.

Multiple Terminals

Setup Multiple Terminals within the networking system (LAN) to manage ticket sales.


Use Apps on iOS/Android devices for portability on devices of your choice.


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